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Our New Classical Art School is non-profit voluntary association and was established by Dina Chembulat, PhD on 25 June 2006. The school was started as a project in” Jerusalem Anthology” - non-profit association on May 1, 2000.

The school has always worked with talented and dedicated people who teach - well-known painters, sculptors and designers - many of them world famous.

The school was built on serious classical school principles, which provide basic academic art education. The underlying principle of teaching with an individual approach to each student is crucial. An atmosphere of multi-language and multicultural collaboration has been created at our school.

 Our general purposes in the project are:

•Helping incomplete families, with the majority of them being single mothers, in cultural education for themselves and their children.

•Helping overcome the difficulties of absorption and solving the problems of integration into Israeli society

• Art therapy for people with disabilities.

The school operates rehabilitation and humanitarian projects:

• Helping people who have low income to develop and implement their talents in the field of culture

• Art therapy for people with psychological problems (stressed and depressed persons)

•The school intends to organize art exhibitions of students’ works in Israel and abroad.

More than 20 young graduates have entered the Art Institute. These are graduates of top art schools , such as the US-French Academy of Painting at the Sorbonne in Paris, the Royal College in London, Surikov Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow, Academy of Textile and Fashion «Shenkar» in Tel Aviv, the Academy of Arts «Bezalel» in Jerusalem, Technion, Faculty of Architecture, in Haifa, Institute of Photography and Film in Carmiel; Academia Art and Design in Turin and others.

Among those that have joined the project are pupils from large cities as well as several peripheral cities, from low income districts and incomplete families, the majority of them are single mothers.

A lot of our young students have been rehabilitated from living on the street and also saved from drugs. Many of them left youthful hooligan squads and now direct their energies to study. These children are rehabilitated through the arts and, after graduating the art school, enrolled in various educational institutions to become worthy members of society.